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Innovation, branding and strategic design agency, Logic Design is independent and human-sized. We have put collective intelligence at the service of brands development for 30 years.

For 4 years, we have been developing an agile work method inspired by design thinking: Open Pilot. The successive openings of agencies in Warsaw, then in Barcelona, and now in Lausanne, shows the relevance of the collaborative model we promote in our consulting activities.

We link together an international network and a strong local anchoring to better address our clients’ needs with a shared vision, innovative proposals and one philosophy Open Up Together.

Because brand leadership is a dynamic process, Logic Design listens to understand better, founds their work on collective intelligence to innovate better, identifies consumer insights to address them better, and gets closer to their clients for global consistency.

Logic Design’s growth dynamic goes on. The agency develops its international activities, invents integrated solutions and integrates new personalities and skills. Our teams are always ready to welcome new talented people: join the Logic team!