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Design thinking

Brand leadership is a dynamic. Logic Design has developed Open Pilot, an iterative and co-creative approach which increases brand focus to ensure a comprehensive and sustainable response to our clients’ needs.

Logic Design materializes its innovation logic with the opening in 2016 of a unique space in Boulogne-Billancourt: the Open Lab, 200 m2 dedicated to inventing new models and experimenting agile work methods to co-build the future.

Listen to understand better, work together to step outside the framework, build on consumers insights to gain accuracy: a daring and innovative methodology, a winning bet.

OPEN roots our work in insights & behavior
OPEN captures weak signals and early trends
OPEN embodies agility and iteration
OPEN transforms ideas into brand experiences
OPEN allies corporate vision and customer benefit
OPEN challenges conventions
OPEN creates brand leadership through influence

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open pilot
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Open Strategy

We capture early signals by crossing cultures, observing customers and analyzing their behavior and attitudes.

We focus on creating simple and differentiating concepts in the language of the brands’ customers.

We build inspiring strategic platforms which are strongly rooted in corporate vision and brand DNA.

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Open Digital

We combine user experience and brand vision

We build sustainable digital ecosystems which create global coherence whilst respecting each media’s own specificities.

We sustain true conversations with all stakeholders to build customer loyalty, and above all, adhesion.

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Open Design

We integrate consumer insights and customer usage from the earliest stages of our creative research and throughout our process.

We focus on creating ideas rather than mock-ups.

We combine a variety of design expertise to adapt to the new consumer path reality, from product to digital, packaging to identity.

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Open Influence

We ally corporate and customer communication so that they mutually nurture each other.

We build rich and ownable content for brands and companies to combine uniqueness and relevance, ideas and style.

We sustain true conversations with all stakeholders to build customer loyalty, and above all, adhesion.

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Open Pilot

We integrate 4 major innovation drivers: consumer insight, technology changes, brand vision and creative skills.

We test and learn with quick iterations, from concept to fab lab.

We centralize and pilot the process for optimized go to markets.

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