Vittel : positive water

Embodying a brand vision through design


Reposition one of the world’s leading mineral water brands, in a universe where the brand and its design are quintessencial to create uniqueness.

At the time, Vittel was stuck in a static ‘institutional’ position and lacked emotional content.


Capitalize on the brand’s historical concept of Vitality by expressing it both physically -literally springing up- and morally, bringing optimism into people’s lives.

Communicate the brand’s vitality trough different expressions according to its frame of reference, from FMCG retail stores to the most sophisticated tables.


A strong, impactful and emotional design which captures consumers’ interest and attention- translated into a more festive and statutory design for the gastronomic offer. A complete graphic universe which captures the spirit of vitality and communicates Vittel’s positive mind-set.

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