N.A! : what sweet (really) means

Launching an innovative brand of snacks


Launch an innovative sweet made of fruit mix which reconciles indulgence and health, with the most reduced resources (no advertising at first) : the brand and its design have to say it all.


Bring to life the concept behind the product, e.g. the best of Nature for a ‘sweet not too sweet’.

Build a brand rather than a product and leverage impulse rather than rationale.

Create a market disruption to capture immediate attention and interest.

A comprehensive brand mix with an intriguing name (N.A! -Nature Addict), an innovative packaging design, and a joyful representation of the fruit content.


A brand that has revolutionized the sweet category and spread all over Europe with a full range of fruit combinations, extending to fruit mixes (compotes) and even penetrating salty snacks in 2015 with a brand new range of crackers.

A multiple award winner design which has had a key role in the brand’s success.

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