Develop a strong brand from a product innovation



Observation and analysis phase

Logic Design worked in partnership with the Solinest Group to launch a small, healthy  confectionery, a simple product innovation.  

However, by observing developments in the confectionery and the food market in general the agency identified an opportunity for a’ lifestyle’ positioning that combines health, naturalness and pleasure.



Combine naturalness and pleasure 

Spotting this opportunity, the agency proposed to work beyond the functionality of the product and work on a stronger more forward looking brand.

Brand expression with a graphic universe and innovative brand identity cues that convey modernity and simplicity.

Result: the brand has become a rallying call which communicates a naturalness and pleasure benefit while moving into new territories.



A brand strategy and innovation policy

A policy of constant innovation and strong brand DNA are the critical success factors of the [N.A!] brand.

The brand continues to develop new products that are a roaring success((fruit pockets, rice crackers, vegetable milks, vegan sweets etc.).

[N.A!] has become a major player of the ‘healthy pleasure’ market throughout Europe.

A brand launched 10 years ago and still looking good!

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