Giving a category pioneering brand meaning, based on its original raison d’être



A co-construction phase with consumers.

The team began conducting several phases of consumer field workshops on the Swiss brand through our recently opened Swiss agency.

Using an agile Open-Pilot approach with constant consumer interactions and iterations, we were able to understand their reservations and expectations concerning probiotics.



Reconciling science and flavoursome

LC1 is a probiotic strain. Therefore, the brand is part of the brand promise but misunderstood by consumers.

After analysing the insights collected, the objective was to use an educational approach to restore meaning through the reinforcement of the brand journey and its set of values and believes.

Agency consultants and designers created a brand territory which takes into account the new aspirations of consumers in search of naturalness, modernity and flavour.


Placing the brand promise centre-stage

To strengthen the brand's journey and its set of values and beliefs we reworked the brand block integrating the ‘probiotic’ reason to believe with the logotype. We also added the ‘regulates digestion’ as a reassurance with a benefit and at the same time reinjected ‘naturalness ‘with a texture reminiscent of recycled paper.

The brand promise is clear. The ingredients are legible, the tones pure, the fruits delicious.

The modernised and refined product highlights the promise of gourmet food that is recognised by consumers!

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