On holiday with Lay’s


Lay’s is the biggest chips brand in the world. Its consumers are mainly young people, open to various experiences offered by the brand, not only to the product itself. Lay’s is looking for new solutions in communicating with its consumers and that was the task Logic Design was entrusted with. Our goal was to produce a message accompanying holiday emotions and situations when we willingly reach for chips. Moreover, according to the big idea of the campaign, “Life needs flavor”, we were to show that the brand changes for us, i.e. introduces untypical flavours like Yakitori chicken or Chili con carne.


The packets were equipped with photos: with friends, on holiday, on the beach, but also during crazy trips, among laughter and jokes. Lay’s has many faces!

There are two new lines, standard flavours with photos and new flavours of a limited edition with a brand-new graphic design. The limited edition packets host silhouettes of the countries these flavours come from, like the United States of America on ‘Ribs with honey’ chips or Thailand on ‘Green Curry’ chips packet.


The photos we chose together with Lay’s team make people smile. We like coming back to nice moments, and looking at photos brings back all this time.

New packets of Lay’s are like a holiday kaleidoscope. One wants more of them.

The project was introduced, among others, in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Romania.