How Open Pilot reinvents cereals on a crowded global market


Imagine a virgin territory unexplored by other actors of the category.

Suggest a specific angle for the international cereal brand CLUSTERS by General Mills to position and distinguish itself from the competition.

Take into account the consumers’ new aspirations for nature, authenticity and pleasure on the already saturated market of cereals for adults.

Integrate the consumers’ diverse expectations regarding breakfast on a global scale. Exceed the smallest common denominator used for numerous international projects.


Initiate a first strategic phase based on a study of the major food cultures regarding breakfast through small ideation groups in France, UK, Germany and Poland.

Put forward a territory of brand promises, products recipes and specific and accurate visual expressions.

Based on the brand stories suggested by the agency, explore in co-creation groups with consumers from the key-countries the most suitable expressions for the new brand territory.

Activate the brand through the original methodology Open Pilot to enable a strong concept, bold, daring and validated by the consumers at each step of the development of its expression and design.


A strong brand with a unique visual identity and personality.

A casual, poetic and gourmet design that goes beyond the market generic codes – the mere product recipe – and fits a complete range of cereals.

A real brand universe based on well-being and pleasure.

An international project drafted in over 50 countries in less than a year, a real performance that sets a new record regarding time-to-market.